Artist Statement

I am wild.
I’m untamed.
When I tried to lived a tame life, I never fit in.
I am contemplative.
I am an introvert, HSP, INFJ.
And I’m a “glittery introvert” – I can be the life of the party.
I have soiled wings.
I think I was born with them.
I balance life and death…that’s how the macabre sneaks into my mind.
In life, it’s never about what you first see.
It’s about everything unseen.
There is always more, something deeper, more magical, sacred.
A withheld emotion that’s right under the surface.
A nuance that might be missed if you pass by too quickly.
This is what I attempt to capture within my art.
There is a sadness with what has passed
Be it through the eyes of a portrait, or the symbols that surround, there is a story.
Something deeper.
A truth that whispers softly from underneath.
It takes stillness and presence to hear it.
My work is an attempt to capture and convey these precious things.

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