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self portrait, mixed media

I live in the foothills of Northern California outside of Sacramento, California.  California is my home.

I’m inspired by what’s in front of me, and what’s right behind the veil that takes patience to witness. My art is never about what you first see, It’s about what’s on the other side. I notice nature, fragile moments and magic. The emotion withheld, that lurks under the surface. I pay attention to things left behind and forgotten. I honor the sacred process and balance of life to death, decay and a return to something new and beautiful. Sometimes it’s a bit macabre, but always sweet and tender in the alluring whispers of a story. These are the feelings and thoughts braided together that enter my art.

I dabble in many art forms: painting, assemblage, collage. My focus the last several years has turned to the soft subtle and fluid side of watercolor.

How I learned what I know? I’m a self taught artist, with guides, mentors, teachers along the way. I have an MSc. in Human Services / Behavior, Life Coaching Credentials: CLC, PCC, and Creativity Coaching Credentials: KMCC, and Healing Arts and Art4Healing certifications.

“The center I once glimpsed is all around me,
a landscape I now live in, and I will not
pretend any more.
If those I love can’t recognize me
with my soul out in the open,
I will no longer retreat
and show what is familiar.”
~ m.nepo

Want more info – Artist Statement.

Sherry Meneley
Soiled Wings . Artist . Teacher
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