Creativity Coaching

Why did I start coaching others on creativity and teaching process art?

Simple–because there was a time in my life when I needed help. I was sinking. I was irritated. I was stressed out beyond a woman on the edge.

I was frustrated. I felt lost. Alone. I didn’t know anything anymore. So I began to tap into something creative. I couldn’t draw a straight line. But I kept cutting, pasting, painting, drawing. And then it started.

I began to heal. The edges started to round out.  I began to breathe softer.

Every time paint touched my hands, when clay rolled between my fingers, or I felt the soft tension between pencil and paper – that’s when I felt calm. In my heart. And soul.

I was astonished at what was happening. I began to study why it happened. Not just for me, but others. And what I learned blew my mind. Why wasn’t this being taught?


So here’s what I know: This WILL happen for you too & you don’t need to be artsy.

Getting in touch with your creative side involves your body, mind, & soul.

The same brain wave patterns of those praying or meditating are also detected in those doing something creative. Yes this is true.

So that’s science. BUT I believe something more mysterious and wonderful is going on. In being creative, you, me, we are connecting with something, Someone, so much greater than ourselves.

See, the truth is, we were born to create. We were born with healthy Creative Spirits. And I already know some of you want to tell me, “I’m not creative.”
That’s simply not true… I have experience with your type.

{I’m going to hug you here & tell you something very important, a reminder}

As children, our toes wiggled in mud, we collected weeds as bouquets, we didn’t wash away paint and glue from our hands. Our entire learning experience and connection to things outside of us formed via the creative process. And the truth is, back then–when we were five–everything we created was BEAUTIFUL.

Then we grow up. The world tells us to abandon our child-like ways. And we lose the truth. Before long we are so busy that the beauty we used to create and our innocent hope and faith get buried.  Lost.

Life and its experiences bring difficulties that hamper our spirit and hold us back from becoming all that we were made to be. We forget we are born Creative Spirits with instinctive methods to create beauty in our lives. We forget how to restore our child-like hope, faith, and dreams. And sometimes our creativity.

I was a lucky one. I found my own way back. And in the process, discovered that being creative is healing and it made broken parts of my heart whole again. I became WholeHearted.

I want you to be a lucky one too. That’s why it’s become my passion and purpose to guide others to the same beautiful truth that I discovered.

Sure, for some tapping into that can initially feel scary. Yet also know this, it always feels sacred. It always feels good. Creativity is special, sacred, joyful — and each of us are MADE for it. That’s EXACTLY why I teach creative process art to others. I help remove the scary and welcome the wonder.

Join me on a CREATIVE adventure. I’m always honored to be your coach for the creative wholehearted life.

As a creative coach, I work from a set of standards and blend of method. Please take a moment to learn about those on this page: My Creativity Philosophy.

Sample of Art Demo/Tutorial Videos: YouTube Playlist
Sampling of Art Journaling Photos: Slideshow

Sherry Meneley
Creativity Chaperone
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