My Creativity Coaching Philosophy

When I coach others, I’m tapping into a zillion little (and big) factors:

  • human behavior studies,
  • life coaching skills,
  • intuition (listening with the ear of my soul),
  • a knack for knowing what works,
  • creativity coaching skills,
  • teachers who have gone before me,
  • time-tested teaching methods from Reggio, Montessori, and Kaizen,
  • and above all, an emphasis on “do what you can” AND removing the “fear-factor” from the creative process.

This delicious blend has created a philosophy. My philosophy, for creativity coaching.

In the end, my philosophy blend for Creativity Coaching looks a bit like this:

  1. We, Honor the process of being creative and focus on experiencing it with joy!
  2. I honor you in your creative process. And you will, or will learn to, honor you. Where you’re at. What you feel. What you resist. Learn to be curious about resistance (as opposed to fearing it).
  3. As your coach, if you’re stuck, I will gently invite myself into that place and sit with you. We’ll figure a way out, past, and beyond the sticking stuff.
  4. We capitalize on strengths and natural abilities rather than sit and dwell on perceived limitations. Once we ignore what you think you can’t do–it’s amazing what you CAN do.
  5. We roll with the idea that one small step leads to the next step. As your coach, I provide step-by-step instruction or help–but only the degree you need. Your intuition, imagination, and natural-inner-child creative wisdom is your guide.
  6. We allow the inner-child to play. We wake her up. Make her happy. We feed her. We make her laugh. We allow her to ask questions, to experiment without judgment. We allow her to have creative freedom and foreplay (yes, foreplay).
  7. As a coach, I’ll help you bypass your fears and remove mental and creative blocks through gentle instruction, simple techniques, and continually working to retrain and remove the inner critic. We stop the naughty “I’m not creative” self-talk.
  8. I’ll sweetly push you, with respect, out of low self-confidence, creative procrastination, self-sabotage, and pesky perfectionism. Art is not perfect. And you’ll be okay–you’ll see. In fact you will love it.
  9. For every class, session, workshop–I personally take accountability to offer you, my client an amazing, dynamic experience. Every time.

Sherry Meneley
Creativity Chaperone
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