Life Coaching

What will you love MOST about coaching?
Our connection. Your Insight. Discovery. Thought-shift. Soul-shift. Reclaim the spark!

It’s simple: I BELIEVE IN YOU. And I know there is so much more. (I kid you not)

I help others…THRIVE! I offer a safe space where I guide, listen, encourage, support, and celebrate the unfolding of your wings. The ones that help you fly.
Regardless of how “soiled” they are.

Sherry_Walking copyWhile I have a natural knack for knowing how to help, I also got a big soup bowl of education to back up those God-given gifts. Part of the alphabet soup behind my name means I’m certified or licensed as a: Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Christian Life Coach (CLC), Creativity Coach (KMCC), and Certified in Art4Healing®.

I’ve also been a 15-year H/R Professional & Corporate Trainer. Have an MS-Human Behavior. Volunteered many years as a CA Certified Peer Crisis Counselor, and part of SART (Sexual Assault Response Team/Advocate). As well as a published author, artist, and process art teacher. yada yada yada…exhausting.

Well that certainly doesn’t tell you much, now does it? Let me get real…

Helping others has always been my thing. I started my career life in the medical field, patiently sitting on a 6-year waiting list to enter an esteemed RN program. I became impatient, switched gears, and began teaching in elementary private and public schools. In the 80s all the fresh young teachers were surprised to lose their jobs (including me). I embraced change the best way I knew how. And for the next 20ish years I was employed in a large corporation. Working with people, teaching/training, mediating conflict, and helping others achieve goals. It was immensely fulfilling.

Then one day my soul began to rattle it’s cage and my Truth whispered,”there is something more…”

The day I learned how to unlocked my soul’s cage was the day I took flight and discovered a new sense of purpose. It was the day I wholeheartly embraced my one of a kind authenticity. I’ve woven my career past, volunteer work, natural gifts, new skills, faith, and authentic-self into a unique practice that helps others.

I truly love this work.

I’m drawn to all things awe-strucking and awe-some. This includes you!

I seek out the best in people and have an uncanny ability to see what others have hidden from themselves. My true desire is helping others embrace their own authenticity: the wild, wacky, wonky, and wonderful. Yes that is you!

I have a heart for women who have been through junk, who are stuck in a rut, who need an encourager by their side that believes in them. I respect and embrace souls from all walks of faith, life, and backgrounds. Know that I will always honor you.

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