Details About Life Coaching With Me

What have others said?

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You choose this gift for you

I work with women, anywhere on our little blue ball we call Earth, who are ready to transform old patterns and wrong messages into new, courageous, bountiful abilities and being open to their Truth.

One-on-One Sessions

This isn’t therapy; we don’t dig into your past. This is something different, new, emerging! This is taking where you are right now and working with specific tools to boost you into your purposeful life, where love, excellence and Truth abound.

In one-on-one sessions you can expect to uncover your “stuck” inner messages. We’ll take them apart. Explore them. Then match those up to the Truth. You will become aware and intimate with areas of resistance or fear and all those icky things we hold onto that ultimately have no value in their untransformed existence. Through Truthful re-orientation you’ll discover the value in the “icky” as you powerfully transform and rebuild the broken bits into courageous brave powerful amazing alive purpose that is yours alone!

Why use me?

My coaching skills will have you looking at things in a new way. This, pared with my faith, life experiences, creativity, and prior crisis counseling allows me to envision your project-hopes-dreams right along side you. I’ll “hold a space” and  provide accountability,  professional tools, and practices–equipping you to work through the discovery, transformation, and restoration process.

Am I right for you?

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not for everyone. But I could be just right for you.

I am passionate and compassionate about people. I am empathetic and have a strong desire to find the best in everyone and magnify that to it’s brightest potential. I will encourage, challenge, and get real with you and your personal Truth. I am committed to you, and helping you discover a direction, next steps, your purpose right now. It feels amazing to be on the right path . There are things you were made to do. Are you doing them? Do you know how to discover that path? I can help.

Is it easy?

Yes. And No. The process is different for every person. Your curiosity, effort, and readiness are driving forces for change. Some parts are easy for some, yet hard for others. But in the end it is SO WORTH IT. Because gaining a better understanding of yourself, your purpose, and real Truth is always worth the effort. Finding hidden treasure, gifts, and transformation is always worth discovering! This process is a gift to yourself that ultimately reaches into the lives of your family, friends, community, and all of this beautiful creation. There is only one you; you have a purpose and Truth.
Isn’t that amazing?!

How long does it take?

I ask for a minimum of an eight-week commitment. It is my hope after those eight sessions that your restoration process is well on it way. You’ll have some solid tools to work with by then. But you’re growth and learning how to really use those tools–day-in-and-day-out is an ongoing process. Growth never ends. If after that time you still choose and desire a “helper and collaborator” in your future on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, I am honored to be part of that. Some of my clients stay on a long-term basis.

How do I know if this is for me?

If any of these questions resonate with you…then maybe it’s time. Are you stuck? Do you lack courage? Are you ready to stop the negative self-talk? Do you think you’re beyond repair? Do you think change is just too hard and takes too much energy? Have you read one too many self-help books only to wind-up in the same icky place you were before? Are you ready to change the tone, voice, and words of your inner critic? Are you ready to embrace your authenticity? Are you ready to create beauty in your life? Are you ready to get in touch with the Truth?  Are you willing to embrace your {secret} God-sized dreams? Is it time to move from surviving to thriving? Then maybe it’s time.

Getting Started:

I ask that all potential clients get to know me, discover if we are a right fit. You and I will have a thirty-minute call where we discuss you, where you’re at, what’s bugging you, and what you’d want to get out of this process. You ask questions and get to know me.

It’s free.

Ultimately we’ll focus on your goals and a plan. After that you’ll have some clarity on obstacles and understand where the restoration process will focus and how I interact with you as your coach. You take whatever amount of time you need in deciding if you’re ready for the next action step. Should you commit to a schedule of sessions, you’ll receive your first “homework” (this is a fun discovery type of homework) that starts your journey of discovering hopes and dreams, transformation, restoration, and your purposeful Truth.

Reminder: Life Coaching is about moving forward, growth, potential, and goals – it is not to be a substitute for counseling where very deep hurts need healing.

The Money Part: One month of 4/weekly sessions is $300. This includes 45-minute phone sessions, follow-up emails, and customized tools, printouts, and homefun-work. I ask for a 2-month commitment. Single touch-up sessions are a flat rate of $100 and last 90 minutes. Existing clients receive additional discounts via referrals.

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