AP Life Coaching

This is for you!

Most know “AP” means Advanced Placement, but in this package I offer–I’d like to think of it as Accelerated Package. Or Amazingly Productive!

This isn’t a long drawn out thing. It takes off quickly. Like a kite to a gust of Wind.

It’s quick, to the point, and well—kinda awesome because you get so many tools.

Here’s the details you need to know:

  1. Two months of my style coaching reeved-up into an AP course.
  2. During those two months, we’ll talk via phone SIX times for 45-minutes each time.
  3. You get homework…but let’s call it fun-work—because it is.
  4. In SIX sessions we’ll stay on track to cover, so you’ll discover how to:
      • Recognize your purpose (and dream) at this stage/season of your life
      • Make goals that work (then chomp at them with bite-sizes that challenge, yet, work for you)
      • Own your thoughts (aka: stop the repeat junk you’re thinking that is wrecking you)
      • Life-balance (figure out why good days are good—and how to make more of them)
      • Create your Non-Negotiables (how to survive the decision-making process in ways that honor YOU)
      • A bank of tailor-made Self-Care and Rewards that keep you, keepin’ on
  5. Total package fee is $485

This AP Life Coaching is specific and fast paced. It’s tools you put to work immediately. It focuses on you, your needs, your life–but at a quicker AP style. Because you’re supah smart and can do this!

This is also an excellent jump-start for new coaches that need to learn some tools and see the process in action. I’ve coached several newly certified coaches and they use these tools in their practices.

And a final note: if in the end you still need a couple more calls–just about you on some really specific items — well — then I’m honored that you and I have made that type of connection and you trust me to continue walking along side your journey.