For Coaches

Awesome! You’re a coach.
You have a credential (or want that alphabet soup).

You either have a natural knack or did the schooling, did the role-playing, and probably even finished up with your practicum clients. WOO HOO! Give yourself a high-five. You are on the path to PURPOSE!

……………………………now what?

Oh Girl, I’ve. Been. There.
And I don’t want you to give up. Not now!

So here’s the scoop, I help new coaches.
Quite a few of them.

And unless you’ve spent a bucket of money and got the most amazing training from Martha Beck or one of her posse, you might not know what to do with the next bit.

  • The marketing bit…
  • The tools, contract, must-have-books, and worksheets bit…
  • The how to price yourself bit…
  • The dealing with a client that is making you feel like the worst coach ever bit…

And if you haven’t considered all of that, well it’s time. You are going to be an awesome coach. But you need to have clients and be rockin’ awesomesauce when the phone rings.

So, let me help you.

Be my client.

See how it feels.

Get my tools.

Learn from my mistakes.

Because your clients are waiting for you and your own amazing-ness.