Such kind words from some sweet souls. Thank you, each of you.

Life Coaching Testimonials

“I was amazed what was uncovered in our first session and was excited to start the action plan that day. She’s my life-cheerleader.” ~Rebecca

“Before I started using Sherry as a life coach I was in a place of uncertainty and self-doubt. I didn’t know I was having so many painful thoughts. I was in the midst of a huge life transition. Sherry’s guidance and support fostered feelings of peace while I worked out the details with her help. I am creating a new wholehearted life. Fixing and shifting my thoughts. Sherry is always able to help with where I’m at on any given day. I’m surprised at the topics we discuss that were not on the agenda, yet it is exactly what I needed in that moment. Sherry makes me feel comfortable, I’m thankful to work her.” ~ Lori H

“Sherry helped me have a stronger foundation” ~K.

“We laid groundwork to prepare me for what I believe is my life calling – I was amazed.” ~Gracie

“God gave her the gift of insight and truthful wisdom. Our sessions are God-sent and I feel more joy.” ~Laura

“Sherry kicked my butt. She saw right through my stories and pinpointed what she calls ‘truth’. It was just what I needed. Thank you Sherry!” ~Kathleen

“Just five minutes with Sherry and she became one of my favorite people. Her spirit and positive outlook makes her a kind and encouraging cheerleader. To use her own words, I think she is “awesome-sauce.” ~ Jackie H.

Creativity Coaching Testimonials

“When someone first suggested I try Sherry’s classes I was hesitant. I’m creative but I wouldn’t call myself creative like an artist. But I went with my friend to Sherry’s Art Journaling. Well, now I can announce Why didn’t I do this sooner? I attend Sherry’s classes each month and it’s the highlight of my month.” ~ Janice

“This is cheaper than therapy. I would not miss it for the world!” ~ JG

“I didn’t know what to expect from an Art4Healing workshop. When she [Sherry] said there were no paint brushes for us to use I worried about my nails. After the first painting I didn’t care about my nails. The workshop brought up so many emotions and feelings. Sherry is not only a great teacher, but a kind listener as she walked me through my painting.” ~ Mary Q

“I left feeling even happier and knew I had to have more! So, I signed up for her next class the minute I got back to my computer.” see Joyce Auteri‘s (a Folsom Artist) full write-up about Joyce’s experience in one of Sherry’s classes and wonderful description of Art Journaling  here.

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