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self portrait, mixed media

I’m a moonlighting artist and author, full-time dreamer, eternal optimist, and teacher / guide for creativity and healing arts.

How I learned what I know? I’m a self taught artist, with guides, mentors, teachers along the way. I have an MSc. in Human Behavior, Life Coaching Credentials: CLC, PCC, and Creativity Coaching Credentials: KMCC, and Healing Arts and Art4Healing certifications.

When I’m playing, I like to do things that are good for my soul: Art…, Adventures, Paddle boarding, Playing Piano, Cooking / Eating (being a general foodie), Writing (words and music), Journaling, Obsessively Organizing (not so sure this is good for my soul – but I do love to organize). And lastly spending time with my soul mates, friends, and my fur-babies (bengal cats).

Where I’ve come to draw the line and get on my soapbox: Bullies. Meanies. In-Tolerance towards those just trying to live and be their positive authentic selves. I guess I just see it as: Life to too short. I’m a pacifist at heart. I believe in conflict, but more so I believe in resolution. And when resolution isn’t possible, then boundaries are the next best possible thing. This has saved my life.

“The center I once glimpsed is all around me,
a landscape I now live in, and I will not
pretend any more.
If those I love can’t recognize me
with my soul out in the open,
I will no longer retreat
and show what is familiar.”
~ m.nepo


Sherry Meneley
Soiled Wings
Artist . Teacher
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