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My_Big_ Sister_Is_A_Warrior_smallfileI’m a moonlighting artist and author, full-time dreamer, eternal optimist, and teacher / guide for creativity and healing arts.

How I learned what I know? I’m a self taught artist, with guides, mentors, teachers along the way. I have an MSc. in Human Behavior, Life Coaching Credentials: CLC, PCC, and Creativity Coaching Credentials: KMCC, and Healing Arts and Art4Healing certifications.

When I’m playing, I like to do things that are good for my soul: Adventures, Helping Others, Playing Piano, Cooking / Eating (being a general foodie), Tribal Bellydance, Writing (words and music), Painting, Journaling, Obsessively Organizing (not so sure this is good for my soul – but I do love to organize). And lastly spending time with my soul mates, friends, and my fur-babies (bengal cats).

Where I’ve come to draw the line and get on my soapbox: Bullies. Meanies. In-Tolerance towards those just trying to live and be their positive authentic selves. I guess I just see it as: Life to too short. I’m a pacifist at heart. I believe in conflict, but more so I believe in resolution. And when resolution isn’t possible, then boundaries are the next best possible thing. Boundaries are hard and initially uncomfortable. They are not meant to control others or start wars… they are personal guides to help you know what is acceptable and what is not in your own life. The older I get, the more I know what is and isn’t right for me.

“The center I once glimpsed is all around me,
a landscape I now live in, and I will not
pretend any more.
If those I love can’t recognize me
with my soul out in the open,
I will no longer retreat
and show what is familiar.”
~ m.nepo


Sherry Meneley
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